Friday 4th & Saturday 5th April 2014

Whisky Fun in the Highlands of Scotland. One of Scotland's most vibrant whisky festivals with drams, masterclasses, demonstrations, live music and auction.


The Inverness Whisky Festival was delighted to have Angus MacRaild hosting our auction. This year a local gentleman who has asked that all the proceeds go to the Highland Hospice and his local Parish Church had generously donated all the bottles. The most expensive bottle purchased was a Royal Brackla 20 y/o Rare Malt Selection which sold for £300.

Please find below a list of all the bottles that were up for grabs. 

Bottles of Malts

1 x Royal Lochnagar 12 y/o

2 x Glenlivet 12 y/o

1 x Glenmorangie (burgandy tin) 10 y/o

1 x Benromach Traditional

1 x Cardhu 12 y/o

1 x Glen Moray Single 1lt

1 x Johnnie Walker Pure Malt (discontinued) 15 y/o

1 x Whitehorse Glen Elgin

1 x Pure Malt (bottled for Cooperative) 8 y/o

1 x Royal Brackla Flora and Fauna 10y/o

1 x Lochdhu The Black Whisky (discontinued) 10 y/o

1 x Lochinvar

2 x Royal Brackla 7 y/o7 

1 x Royal Brackla Rare Malts Selection 20 y/o

1 x Lagavulin 16 y/o

1 x Auchentoshan Queen Elizabeth 2   12 y/o

1 x Glen Ord 12 y/o



4 x Coleburn (535, 536, 553, 554) Collectibles 1980

1 x Kenmore M&S Sports Car

1 x Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 y/o

1 x Saint Andrews Clubhouse Miniatures


Blended Malts

1 x Dewars Special Reserve 12 y/o

1 x Antiquary

1 x Whitehorse

1 x Logans Whitehorse (discontinued)

1 x Johnnie Walker Oldest 21 y/o

1 x Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 y/o

1 x Johnnie Walker Blue Label (boxed)

2 x Johnnie Walker Blue Label (no box)

1 x Johnnie Walker Premier

1 x Bells Extra Special Millennium

3 x Johnnie Walker Red Label

1 x William Lawson

1 x Haigs Gold Label

1 x Bells Finest Extra Special

2 x Bells 1991 Christmas Decanter

If you would like anymore information on any of these bottles please email